¡¡¡¡YingKou JiuXin Machinery CO., LTD is an enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing cold bending forming machines, which has been dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of metal sheet cold bending machines and special equipment of security doors for many years. It has been enjoying a leading research and development capacity in the industry with its main products covering rolling and folding forming machines, combination punch presses....
¡¡¡¡products¡¤Plastic steel window framework rolling and folding forming machine ¡¤Curling cabinet forming machine¡¤Automatic folding machine¡¤Combination punch press¡¤Fire-proof door core board pressing machine¡¤Door plate double-edge rolling and folding forming machine...
No.91 Jinghu West Road Xishi Industrial Park YingKou City LiaoNing Province
0417-4892798 4896965
13804179766 13081708938
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